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All cooking has magic: transformations happen. That ugly potato turns into a lusty pancake that we all love to eat.

Remaining Kosher is about transformations. It’s about the alchemy to use in your own kosher kitchen to enchant food.

Her focus, as always, is on welcoming.

This book’s intention: showing what is possible (and delicious) through the kosher portal and not abandon the honest craft of cooking.

Remaining Kosher comes out of an interest to introduce what might be new and different tasting notes, flavors, spices and textures (long taken for granted during Lauren’s career as a professional chef) to the traditional kosher palate.

Lauren wrote Remaining Kosher as an invitation to look over her shoulder in the kitchen and to broaden and enlarge your path to Remaining Kosher.

The kosher kitchen can have the particular pleasure of sharing the road with many other foods that perhaps you just never thought possible.

Included are photos of many prep and cooking steps so that you can mirror them.

Print Length: 445 pages

Photos: 578

Multi-touch eBook specifically designed for the iPad.

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